January 8, 2017
Hi Live Audio Production Students, here is what we have going on for our Jan 8, 2017 class.

We have our first special guest Darren Walters.  Darren is a multi-instrumentalist, audio tech and tour manager.  He is part of the Walters Family Dinner Theatre Show that is based on the Walters Family Farm in Drumbo, Ontario.

Here is Darren's BIO


Here is a picture of Darren's Office at the Walters Farm

Popular Minority Productions

In Class

Professor Stewie, is going to be taking us through phase, beat frequency, wavelength, and electrical phase.

Stewart will also be covering gain structure and what is meant by Unity Gain, he will also be covering cabling and the difference between mic and line terminology.

BradskiBeat will be covering the difference between tube and solid state technology.  Yes, tube equipment is still used in Live Audio.

Brad will also go over capacitance and inductance as it relates to condenser and dynamic microphones/speakers.

Yes we are going to be doing some MATH! ...don't panic we are just covering simply binary and how bit rate relates to audio in the digital world.

Videos To Watch

Please watch this video on Ohm's Law, as the Bible is to religion, Ohm's Law is to the electrical world we live in today.


Watch parts 1 - 3 on Condenser, Dynamic Microphones and Polar Patterns.


This video explains the concept behind balancing microphones lines.


More videos will be added before Sunday, January 8, 2017.