January 22, 2017
Hi Live Sound Production Students, here is what we have going on for our Jan 22, 2017 class.

Our special guest this week is Christian Lemke.  Christian is an audio tech, and a teacher at Eastwood Collegiate Institute High School (ECI).  Christian is a dedicated teacher, teaching students about sound and production at the High School Level.

Here is Christian's BIO

Christian knew early on that he wanted to be responsible for things. He found his high school’s tech crew, and fell into sound production, because no one else wanted to do it. Mentored by Kitchener/world sound craftsman Roger Psutka, Christian soon appreciated the intensity of, and profound responsibility that was held by the position of the front of house engineer. Itch scratched. Christian had offered front of house support to acts big and small about a thousand times, all over the darn place. Later, Christian became a teacher and was elated to join Eastwood Collegiate, where he was given the latitude to build a production program to coincide with ECI’s existing and venerable arts program. Today, each day, Christian teaches and mentors young people in many aspects of production for Eastwood Arts, and remains a deeply committed and grateful member-at large of our storied community’s production scene. Responsible indeed.

In Class

In class we are starting Digital Console Navigation.  We are focusing on the Behringer X32.  We will also be covering effects and processing on the X32.  Please come with either an iPad, Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet.  Downloads for different devices is below.

Behringer X32 Software

X32 Mix For iPad

Mixing Station XM32 For Android

X32 Edit For Mac, PC & Linux

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