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January 15, 2017
Hi Live Audio Production Students, here is what we have going on for our Jan 15, 2017 class.

Our special guest this week is Roger Psutka.  Roger is a singer, audio tech,  tour manager, and a teacher at Coalition Music.  Roger started his career as a singer and then moved to the technical side of the music industry. 

Here is Roger's BIO

Roger’s knowledge and work experience spans the music industry with over 40 years in a wide variety of roles, both locally and globally; from Live Sound and Monitor Engineer to Production & Event Manager to Educator to Service / Installer, as well as being a touring artist himself. He has seen and done it all.

His C.V. includes working with a diverse range of acts such as Our Lady Peace, Chantal Kreviazuk, Blue Man Group, Dean Brody, George Canyon, Remy Shand, Simple Plan, Treble Charger, Sheryl Crow, Butterfly Boucher, Tour Support Sarah McLachlan for Bare Naked Ladies, Crash Vegas, The Rheostatics, Sara Craig, Spookie Ruben, Melanie Doane and many more.

Roger continues to be a sought after Sound Engineer while also teaching at Coalition’s Music Tour & Tech program.

To learn more about Roger listen to his story from the' Movinairpod' podcast series

Part 1 & Part 2

In Class

We are starting off the class going over the Fletcher-Munson Curve.  This important concept is how our hearing behaves at different sound levels and is dependent on frequency. Make sure to watch the video on the Fletcher-Munson Curve before coming to class. 

Professor Stewie is going over Analog Console Navigation.  This will cover gain structure, equalization, routing, auxiliary sends, inserts, and output.  There will be a chance near the end of class to mix on the console with a mult-track of a live show. 

Videos To Watch

Fletcher-Munson Curve

Gain Structure

Parametric Equalization

Sound Engineer's Hard Work

Behringer X32 Software

X32 Mix For iPad

Mixing Station XM32 For Android

X32 Edit For Mac, PC & Linux