Popular Minority Productions

Popular Minority Productions Presents:  'Experience Life Live!'

'Experience Life Live' is a hands-on course teaching you Live Sound Production.
This modular based course, is divided into a series of workshops presented over a

10 week period.

The course covers Basic Sound Theory to Advanced Sound Production. Depending on your level of experience, you may wish to take the entire course or specific modules.

This course is for:


Church Groups

People in the Entertainment field

Those looking for a career change



The course is presented by:

Brad Marshall & Stewart Pothier

Brad and Stewart are freelance sound engineers with more than 40 years of  combined experience specializing in high quality sound engineering for

Live Sound Production.

Over the course of their careers; they have produced over 2000 live events

over a broad range of musical genres.

Their enthusiasm, professionalism and passion combined with their years of experience enable them to teach you the skills you need to succeed at

Live Sound Production. 

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