Brad Marshall's BIO

Like anyone’s journey there are good times and bad times.  I can honestly say that Music and working in the Audio Field has been nothing short of magical for me. 

When Paul McCartney and Wings had huge hits on the radio like “Band On The Run” and “Live and Let Die”.  I was in early grade school and one night Dad brought home an old reel to reel recorder that was probably from the middle 60’s.  Fascination set in, I couldn’t get enough of recording sounds and listening back to them.  I even took the recorder to school in my little red wagon to record sounds in the classroom. 
This is where my fascination for sound began. I joined the tech crew in grade 6 at my public school and have been working in Audio ever since.

When Ozzy Osbourne rode that “Crazy Train”, I was hooked on metal. I bought my first bass guitar and started playing in bands.  I was introduced to huge Audio Systems that went very loud.  I wanted to learn as much about those audio systems as I could.  I was so obsessed that I would produce my own shows just so I could learn how to mix sound from the ground up.

I started working for a Staging Company in the early eighties.  This involved the setup of audio and lighting, running the board and I got paid to do it.  When you are on your own you learn to overcome any problems you come across because “the show must go on”.  Before I knew it I was on tour with Helix on their 1986 tour. That is where I first met John Bailey who went on to win a Juno for Recording Engineer of the Year in 2007.

 In 2002 I established my own Music Publishing Company: BradskiBeat Publishing.

Here is a list of some of the gigs and bands that I have worked with over the years:
The Highlands, The Kee to Bala, The Hoodoo Lounge, Pop The Gator and
The Kitchener Blues Festival
Meatloaf, Eddie Money, Tragically Hip, Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock,
Buddy Guy, Koko Taylor, Loretta Lynn, John Lee Hooker, Jerry Lee Lewis,
Public Enemy and Mel Brown just to name a few.

I graduated from the Electronics Engineering program at Conestoga College in 1988 and landed a full time job running the Pro-Audio department at Sherwood Audio.

I finished my Engineering Physics degree in 1998 and started working on the theory side of Audio Engineering.

I developed a digital In Ear Monitoring System for musicians when playing live for an advanced Audio Engineering Research Company.  The product went to market and I was awarded three U.S. & E.U. Patents in Advanced Audio Design.

In 1998; I became fascinated by broadcasting music events over the internet.
Popular Minority Productions was formed.
We were doing live streaming long before YouTube and other streaming services were available.

I am a candidate to become a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO).

In 2014 I co-wrote and produced my first Musical called “How To Write A Song

I finished my Teaching Degree in 2015.  Now I am focusing on teaching others.
Which, I believe is the highest honour a person could wish for.

Popular Minority Productions